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Katerina Hartlova

Alias: Katarina Dubrova, Katrin Kozy, Kathy Kozy, Kateoina Dusbabová, Katarina Hartlova, Katerina B, Katarina Angel, Katrina Hart, Katarina Kozy, Kathy Heinz

Pays: Czech Republic

Née: September 19, 1985

œil: Blue

Cheveu: Blonde

La taille: 167 cm

Poids: 51 kg

Seins: Natural

Des vues: 5

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It’s impossible not to <3 Katerina Hartlova. Katerina’s qualities speak for themselves, and if those tits of hers could speak, they’d be louder than a megaphone running through a 4000-watt PA system, because those boobs are boomin’! Katerina grew up in a tiny village in the Czech Republic, nestled between the two mountainous regions of Bohemia and Moravia. As if her body took a cue from the natural landscape, she grew up with two mountains of her own. Katerina is all natural and that especially goes for her DD-action rack. Those fun-floppers hang off her hot body like works of Rococo art which, despite their largess, definitely don’t sag. When Katerina lies on her back and holds those gallon cans together, that’s a hot invitation for a massive dick to tunnel through her heaving cleavage. Katerina’s sizeable boobs are just one representation of her personality, like her big desire to be naked, and her huge vaginal hunger to get stuffed. When she’s not oiling up her chest and massaging those pups to high heaven, Katerina is often found shoving anything long, thick and ribbed, up her Slavic slit, then sucking off those toys to taste her own sweet ‘n’ savory pussy flavors. Every now and then, she needs the real thing, and some extremely lucky dude gets to ram his rod into her holiest of holies.

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