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Bella Vendetta

Decknamen: Bumblina DeLuca, Bella Vendette

Land: United States

Auge: Brown

Haar: Black

Höhe: 167 cm

Last: 57 kg

Brüste: Natural

Ansichten: 1.2K

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Fantasy: all girl gang bang with me on the receiving end featuring Joanna Angel, Draven Star, Jiz Lee, Lexi Love
Fave Position: lately I've really enjoyed riding cock in various positions, as long as I'm in control of when the orgasm happens. HAHA
Masturbation Material: catfightgangbang
I Have a Crush on: Felix, the australian pole dancing champion, and Orion, the bassist from behemoth and I also want to blow Mathew Gray Gubler's nerdy little mind
Drink: grapebomb, patron, lemon drops, limoncello, shirley temples, english breakfast tea, thai iced tea
Smoke: vanilla, cherry or black djarums, beadies, nat shermans, sticky icky dank lovely smoky treats
Bad Habits: chocolate, law and order svu, dancing to britney spears
Where I Hang Out: at strip clubs, in dark alleyways, in abandoned warehouses and deserted parking lots, deep in the woods, high in the mountains and I've also been known to frequent graveyards and sometimes seedy motels
Favorite Burning Angel: Joanna mother fucking angel
Why I am a Burning Angel: it was really all a ploy to be able to be the first person to fist Joanna Angel



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